11 Things To Do in Paris

Written by: Bethiah Getenet Negussie

It’s already March and we’re already 3 months into 2019 and winter is coming to an end! I am sure most of us want to take advantage of that perfect spring weather time that we are all dreaming of during these rainy days here in Rotterdam. So for those of you that are looking for something to do or just want to plan a fun little trip with your friends, I have got the perfect idea for you. Join the ESN Rotterdam Paris Trip!

This is ESN’s biggest city trip of the year. This trip will be from May 10th up to May 13th. You will have 2 night accommodation, breakfast for 3 days, 1 dinner, 1 pub crawl and transportation card for all 3 days. And good news is that this is everything that is included in the price! You will have some free time during the day where you can explore the city a little bit more. And what can I do there during the day you ask? Don’t worry I have got a carefully curated list of 11 unusual things to do in Paris!

  • Walk along the streets of Champs-Élysées: This Avenue is the most famous in all of Paris – maybe even in the world. This avenue is full of beautiful luxurious stores, as it is Paris’s largest shopping areas. While you’re there, you can also visit the Arc de Triomphe and other interesting places like the Lido Cabaret.
  • Explore the world of chocolate: The street of St. Germain des Pres is where more than 20 widely known chocolatiers come together, each offering a unique taste. So chocolate lovers get ready, I know I am excited for this one the most
  • Have a picnic: Have a very French, ‘Parisian’ experience by heading to the park with friends for a picnic. Pack a good bottle of wine, a baguette and fresh fruits and enjoy your time while watching the sunset.
  • Eat crepes and macaroons: Of course, you can’t travel all the way to Paris and not have the world famous crepes and macaroons. Paris has many options when it comes to food, trust me – I know! So pick one you would like to go to and embrace the Parisian side of you.
  • Hot air balloon ride: What better way to actually visit a city than looking at from up in the sky? Paris has the world’s largest hot air balloon ride at the Parc André-Citroen and at this park you can go for a balloon ride for a reasonable price.
  • Walk around the most fashionable Parisian neighborhood: Some might say Marais is the best shopping area in Paris. The Marais is also full of museums, cafes, restaurants, bars and high-end fashion stores. All of these coming together in one place makes this area a must see!
  • Visit bizarre museums: Yes, the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay are beautiful museums but they can also be over crowded with tourists, plus there are other museums worth exploring. For example the Museum of Romantics and the Fairground Museum which are all either under 10 euros or completely free.
  • Watch at the Luxembourg Gardens: This is one of the loveliest gardens in Paris. You can enjoy an afternoon stroll or that picnic we talked about earlier. You can also ride the city’s oldest merry-ground or visit the Musée de Luxembourg art exhibits.  
  • Walk the Narrow Streets of the Ile Saint-Louis: This street is located behind the Notre-Dame gardens. The street is filled with 17th century mansions and courtyards. And while you’re there make sure to have one of the 90 different flavors of handmade ice-cream at Bertillon – by Paris’s most famous ice-cream maker.  
  • St. Ouen flea market: Since you’ll be in Paris during the weekend, you can head to the largest flea market in the world. This flea market is held every weekend in the suburbs of Paris at the Port of St. Ouen. You can pick up some souvenirs or some vintage clothing of a relatively cheap price.
  • Go up the Panthéon: You can climb up the Eiffel Tower but you can climb up the Panthéon and see view of Paris from above. A bonus point is that from the Panthéon, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and other landmarks can also been seen.

So are you convinced? Yes? So, pack up your nicest clothes and go pose for that cliché touristy, yet very flattering picture in Paris.