Preparing for Winter

Written by: Malvika Mayani

If this is the first time you are experiencing the real kind of winter, buckle up because it is going to be a cold one. It is said that the months from January to March are winter; however you feel the temperatures drop November onwards. With the change in time and no more sunshine, things seem to get dull, but do not let that stop you from having fun and continuing with your life. I have some things you need to do to prepare for winter, alongside things you can do while its winter:

  1. Always check the weather forecast. The winds can get pretty rough where biking is not an option.
  2. Always carry gloves and a warm scarf with you, especially if you are biking; the winds are really cold and will send chills down your spine!
  3. Keep yourself warm and your house, this is the time to use the heater! Do regulate the temperature, though.
  4. Always brighten your room up with yellow lights as those depict the “light of the sun”  and only stops you from going into depression and feeling more lively, research says.
  5. Keep exercising, even if you get lazy since it gets dark by 17:00. This will help your body adjust to winter, as well as lessen the chances of you getting sick. Nobody wants that, because winter season is exam season!
  6. This is the time you can treat yourself with comfort food and you will not feel guilty! But as mentioned in the previous point, don’t forget to exercise.
  7. Take vitamin D! Or any other supplement, you need the energy.
  8. Keep moving: even in this dull time of the year, there are fun things to do, like going for ice skating and visiting Christmas markets. Indoors can also be fun. You have museums, new cafes, concerts, cinemas and more!
  9. Light up some candles, call friends for dinner and serve some glühwein. It can be a cozy day in, which will lift up your spirits.
  10. Force yourself to leave the house, do not just cuddle up under your blanket. Do the things you do in the summer. Go to a cafe with a friend or go to dinner.
  11. For vacation, try to go to a warmer location.

And don’t worry, you can still get cute pictures with frozen canals and snow behind you, if you are lucky this year! Enjoy the winter!