Quarantine Games to Play With Friends

I used to play board games with my friends all the time before self-quarantine. However, this does not have to change. Do you want to play classic board games or card games from the comfort of your house? Are you bored by not having anything to do in self-isolation? Well, look no further! Here are our favorite games listed to play with your friends during quarantine.

1. Jackbox Games

Jackbox offers variety of different games ranging from drawing games to interesting concepts. Most of their games are sold in packages, however drawful is available to play for free. You can check out their games from here.

2. UNO

I think most people are familiar with the concept of UNO. There is also an online version of UNO you can play from this link. If that link does not work, please try this link as well.

3. Sudoku

If you have been a fan of Sudoku, you can also play it online. Therefore, the site allows you to choose the difficulty level of the game and you can also check for mistakes too.

4. Mafia/Town of Salem

Mafia has been a popular game to play when you have friends over. Furthermore, you can play Mafia from an online platform with up to 15 friends. There are around 48 roles that you can play with which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable each time you play it. You can find the link to play it here. 

4. Spyfall

There is a spy among all of you that is trying to figure out what scene everyone is talking about. Everyone except the spy knows the location and each player asks as well as answers questions according to their card. If you find the spy before he/she makes the correct guess, then everyone except the spy gets a point. You can play it from this link or this one.

5. Codenames

Ever heard of Codenames? The main goal is to make your teammates to point to the right word. You can only state one topic that is describing as many cards as possible. The first team to describe all the cards/ or does not find the agent card wins. Here are a few links you can play the game from.


6. Monopoly

The famous game that takes us at least 2-3 hours to finish each time we play it. You just need to create an account, then you can start playing the game from this link. 

7. Cards Against Humanity

It is a classic party game that can take many turns depending on who you play it with. I think it is especially fun to play with your close friends. You can either play the game from here or this link.


If you do not have any friends that are free to play with you or if you want to make new friends, check out ESN’s upcoming events to make friends!