Easy Ways You Can Reduce The Coronavirus Impact

The 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus has impacted everyone in many ways and the fight is still not over. Staying at home, washing your hands regularly and keeping social distance is key, but if you have some extra time, you can easily help others around you. Below are some simple ways you can help reduce the impact on the virus in your community.

1. Donate to Nonprofits and Food Banks

Charities that provide relief programs and local food banks that provide food  are in need of more help. Not only has there been a worldwide drop in donations but also a sudden increase in demand, as people are struggling to support themselves. Donating either your time or money to one of you local nonprofits or food banks would make a world’s difference to your local community! If more basic needs are met the community will be more safe and productive.

2. Support Local Businesses

With a large decrease in demand and partial relief from governments, small to large businesses are suffering. Instead of having a night out at a restaurant like normal,order a nice meal online from your favorite restaurant every other week with your family or housemates! You can also gift giftcards from certain businesses on birthday, to support them as well.

3. Donate Blood

There has been a decrease in blood and plasma donations since the initial outbreak. If you are healthy and have some free time, not only can you help those who would still need these donations but you can also get compensated for it. In this link you can find a location close by.

4. Stay Connected with Friends/Family

Lots of people are isolated inside and that can get boring and lonely real quick. This social strain can have many negative effects on us, as human contact is a large source of our happiness and fulfilment. We don’t want the isolation to lead to depression for example, even if you think those around you can easily handle the isolation. In your free time video call or call your parents, siblings, old friends and people you only have had a few talks with.

5. Stay Healthy

Of course, making sure you don’t contract and spread the virus to your community is the most important. This will slow the spread, save lives and get people out of isolation sooner. Everyone knows by now that it is crucial to stay home as much as possible, keep distance whenever going out and to wash your hands often.

Written by Darnell Starling, from the Content Committee