Places to Eat in Rotterdam

Written by: By Sana Sardar

Everyone is always looking for new and yummy places to eat out whether it is by themselves or with some friends. Well don’t worry because I have got couple places for you. Being a foodie myself, I love to try out different places to eat so here is a list of some so you can enjoy as well!

  1. Lilith: One of my FAVOURITE breakfast places in Rotterdam! Since I am a pancake lover, this place is pancake heaven because they have so many options to choose from! And if you do not like pancakes do not worry because their eggs benedict, french toast and coffee is delicious as well!
  2. Altijd in de Buurt: So, once again the pancakes here are REALLY good! Apple, cinnamon, blueberry, butterscotch pancakes: you name it and they have it! And also who does not love some chicken and waffles. I know I do! If you are not feeling the breakfast menu, they have little bites and snacks as well as sandwiches and burgers that can keep you satisfied!
  3. Jordy’s Bakery: Jordy’s brings you a variety of options since they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner! Their homemade granola, salads, sandwiches and soups are delicious. Oh, and their coffee is really good too, which is always a plus point.
  4. LOT&DAAN: It is one of those places where I would love to go order a cup of coffee and work on my assignments. And their cute swings make for the perfect Instagram pictures!
  5. Little V: Definitely one of my favorite lunch/dinner places in Rotterdam! Also their quantities are quite big so you will never leave with an empty stomach. Everything from their appetizers to their soups, salads and mains are delicious. Trust me, anything you order from their menu will be worth your while.
  6. Happy Italy: I am sure many of you have already been here, but their pizzas and pastas are YUM. I’ve been there countless times since I have been to Rotterdam and I have never been disappointed. And once again they have pretty good quantities!
  7. Panzero’ Apulian StrEat Food: This is another Italian restaurant that I definitely recommended! If you are a fan of panzarotti, they are a must-try. Great place, great food and great service! What else do you need?
  8. Baek Food and Drinks: This is a really cosy place to go eat and have some coffee with friends! It kind of gives me the Central Perk vibe from “Friends” and is a super cute place to hang out. My personal favourites are their pancakes and burgers, but honestly everything on their menu is pretty great!

Hope you enjoy these restaurants and enjoy their food as much as I did!