Study Places on Campus

Written and last updated on 3 February 2019

Once in a while you do feel like studying on campus, either because you have a break during classes, you have no life, or its exam season. This is why our university has so many spots for you to choose from.

  1. Library: This is the warmest building, in my opinion. Sometimes it is so warm, all you want to do is NOT study. Nevertheless, it is a library! Ample of space and books, along with warm lighting that replicates the sun is in this dull season. However, during exam season, you will only find master, exchange and some IBEB students taking over. Not even the lounge chairs near the windows are free unless you come by 9AM.
  2. Polak: This is the place you don’t want to be when you’re having exams, because I guarantee that you will bump into someone and waste 2 hours. Anyway, this has a lot of space and a lot of computers as well for one’s needs. It has more coffee machines and more printers than the library as well. This is my go-to place, but I definitely am not my most productive.
  3. Mandeville: The secret library, or study area (mentioned in another blog) is the place to be! It definitely has limited spaces but since no one knows about it (until now) it could be your go-to place. It’s so quiet here, any whispering is looked down upon. But you could find a spot to study here with a nice view, and you will definitely be productive here since it’s so exclusive. Just in case, this is full, there are number of rooms available in Mandeville.
  4. Pavilion: Speaking about exclusivity, to the other side of the cafe there’s a study area for Honour kids, however anyone can use it unless there’s a ceremony. This area is pitch silent and everyone’s doing their own thing. There are couches for a good read, or a normal desk with a chair, for you know, normal work. Although I must say, the spaces provided are rather small and uncomfortable. Nevertheless you can always find a spot here, but it’s only open for a limited time in the day.
  5. V-building: not the place to be, but you will find classrooms here which are available at different times in the day. This is a good place for group discussions and work that is needed to be done on a projector. Again, this building is only open till 7 PM, so it is a little time restrictive.
  6. G-building: I think this is the oldest building on campus. You would think nobody goes here and the only people who do go are the people who have mandatory tutorials. But that’s not true! Yes you will definitely find a spot here, but it is more crowded than you can imagine. It has classrooms in various sizes, dedicated computer rooms and even a mini library.

I could go on, but I think if you would have the “Study Spots” app, any place, convenient of the time, could be a study space for you! This including cafeterias, Theil building, Tinbergen building and even the Sports cafe! Obviously, if you want to go to hotspots (Library and Polak) it is always going to be busy during exam season. So the best time to go is early morning or late evening. May the odds be ever in your favor.