How to Spend a Great Summer in your Country with Friends & Family

As everyone knows by now, 2020 has been affected by a pandemic due to a virus called Covid-19. Many people’s plans have been canceled for the upcoming summer holidays. As the regulations for the quarantine are slowly but surely getting less strict, people are allowed to hang out with their friends outside again. This blog post touches upon activities and things that people can do this summer.

1. Play sports outside

As the weather is already getting better and better, activities outdoors are a great way of being occupied during the long summer months. Depending in which country you live, you can even meet with more than 2 of your friends and play group sports such as volleyball for example.

2. Picnics & BBQ’s

In the Netherlands, getting together with friends and having a BBQ outdoors is a standard summer tradition. If it is allowed in your place, picnicking in parks is a nice activity for this summer. If this is not allowed in your country, perhaps inviting some people over to your place and throwing a picnic or BBQ in your garden could also be an option. Always keep in mind to always respect the regulations concerning the pandemic!

3. Beach trip

If you live in the Netherlands, a trip to the beach is something relaxing and holiday-feeling-like thing you can do with your partner or with a friend. This can be a great day-off from staying at home and maybe it will give you a feeling of vacation. Bringing board games is also not forbidden which can make the whole trip even more fun. A picnic at the beach is of course also an option.

4. Public swimming pools ? Not necessary !

2020 is the year to purchase a swimming pool for your garden or even your balcony ! You can purchase any swimming pool, small or big in different stores around the Netherlands or in your country of residence. You can also find various water attractions for your place on the internet.

5. Get creative

If you do not have the possibility to buy yourself a swimming pool due to lacking space or other conditions, you can easily build yourself a water slide with trash bags and a garden hose and some soap. It is easily removable and doesn’t cost a fortune! Other DIY’s for outside activities in times of a Pandemic can be found here or more specific things here.

These 5 tips can help you and your family to have an amazing Summer regardless the conditions the world has to deal with at this point in time. This is the opportunity for everyone to experience new things and get creative in their own homes with their family and friends. Always keep in mind the regulations of your country of residence!

Written by Alexa Belli, from the Content Committee