Support Your Locals

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf


Old Scuola 

Achterklooster 1, Rotterdam – @oldscuola  – 

Old Scuola is one of the best Italian restaurants that offers a wide range of delicious pizza options and much more! With a great selection of dishes, you can find anything you are looking for in their menu. Who does not love Italian food? So, we are confident that you will also enjoy this amazing restaurant!

  • Pasta Margherita – €10.50
  • Pizza Amatriciana – €15
  • Roasted Puntpaprika & Bufala – €16



Oostzeedijk Beneden 217A, Rotterdam – @mezze_restaurant –

If you are looking for freshly cooked Mediterranean food with many specialties from the Turkish cuisine, Mezze restaurant would be a very enjoyable experience. Kebabs are nice but have you discovered other amazing dishes from Turkey? This restaurant is a great place to start!

  • Hummus – €4,45
  • Filled filo pastry with cheese – €4
  • Seasoned lamb durum – €9.45
  • Vegetable casserole – €11.50
  • Adana kebab (spicy seasoned meat with side dishes) – €14.95

Order on:  Thuisbezorgd (delivery €1.50) or UberEats (ordering fee €2.99)



Stadhuisplein 28, Rotterdam – @salsashop_official –

As a newcomer to Rotterdam asking for a place to eat Mexican food, the answer was unilaterally SALSA SHOP. The food makes you drool just by looking at it. And to all the avocado haters – you do not know what you are missing!

  • Tortilla Chips and Guacamole    €3.95
  • Burritos    €8.45 – €10.45
  • Burrito Bowls  € 8.45 – €10.45
  • Salads €8.45 – €10.45
  • Tacos €8.45 – €10.45
  • (veggie options)

Order on: Uber Eats (ordering fee €2.99) or Thuisbezorgd (delivery €1.50)



Westblaak 82; Coolsingel 125, Rotterdam – @restaurant_shabushabu –

Shabu’s signature dishes include the Crispy ebi, Crunchy roll and Crispy chicken, all three for a very affordable price of under €5. Their more “exotic” rolls are closer to the €10 range, though definitely worth a try. You might even reach the state of “unagi”.


De Smaak van Afrika

Goudsesingel 342A, Rotterdam – @desmaakvanafrika –

One of the great cuisines that Rotterdam has to offer (and believe us there are plenty!) is the African cuisine. The rich taste and flavor of different dishes can be found waiting for you in the menu of De Smaak van Afrika. Our top 3 includes the following dishes:

  • Tsebhi Dorho (spicy)- €13.90
  • Kitfo- €14.50
  • Nay Tozm- €11.50

Order on: Uber Eats (ordering fee €2.99) or Thuisbezorgd (delivery €1.50)

“ Welcome to the taste of Africa”


Little V

Grotekerkplein 109, Rotterdam – @littlevrestaurants –

This blog post could have not been completed without featuring the Vietnamese cuisine, which is known for combining five different elements- aromatics, heat, sweetness, sourness, and fish-sauciness. Our top 3 includes:

  • Cha gio chay- €4.50
  • Ga Nuong- €10.50
  • Bun Ga- €16.00

Order on: Uber Eats (ordering fee €2.99)


Garam Masala

Pompenburg 652, Rotterdam – @indianrestaurantgarammasala –

If you are looking for a flavorful, wholesome, and filling meal, then check out Indian food in Rotterdam. It is quite hard to find South Indian food here, but this is one of our recommendations for good North Indian cuisine. Oh, and if you are vegetarian, then you will have plenty of options to choose from too!

  • Samosa- €5.25
  • Saag Paneer- €6.50
  • Butter Chicken- €16.50

Order on: Deliveroo (delivery fee €2.49)


 Greek Kitchen

Oostzeedijk Beneden 53A, Rotterdam

If you are looking for a student-friendly meal that keeps you full and is also appetizing and fresh, Greek is the way to go. Greek Kitchen is a small family restaurant that has simple ambiance but great food.

  • Pita Gyros- €6.50
  • Gyros Schotel- €13.50
  • Baklava- €4.25

Order on: Thuisbezorgd (delivery fee € 1.50)



West-Kruiskade 63A, 3014 AM Rotterdam – @thai_restaurant_soi3

Thai food is a perfect mix of sweet, sour, and spicy. If you are on a hunt for a cozy, traditional and amazing restaurant that serves Thai food, then check out Soi3.

  • Thai Chicken Satay- €7.50
  • Pad Thai- €13.50
  • Keang kieuw waan- €14.25

Order on: Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo (delivery fee €3.49)