5 Things To Do While in Self-Quarantine

As you all may know by now, people all over the world are freaking out because of the well-known COVID-19 or better known as Corona virus which took over the world like a storm. As many countries are quarantined and people aren’t allowed to leave their houses, one might get bored very easily. These 5 activities should help you to kill time and see quarantine in a different light.

1. Biking or being active outside in general

Going biking is one of the most fun and productive leisure activities in times of quarantine. Go explore new places, nature sides and even cities on your biking tours. As spring is coming slowly, the weather will be better so going outside and being active might seem even more attractive.

2. Get creative

You can paint, create, craft, or decorate your room or place. DIY Youtube channels, craft books and other sources can help you on finding ideas on what to make. Need some ideas? Go check out this page.

3. Online party with friends and family

You probably are missing your friends and family maybe if you are still staying abroad. Video chatting is a great opportunity to stay in contact and see your loved ones! You can play games together, exchange interesting things and just feel a little more at home.

4. Bake or cook – try out new things

Baking alone or with some friends can make the day go by faster! Trying out new things to make can be a whole lot of fun. Here are 25 recipes for baking when you are bored during you quarantine days, or check out our blog post from some time ago on easy recipes.

5. Board games

One other thing that you can do is playing games with your fellow quarantine-inmates such as board games or simple card games. Adding a twist to certain games can make them even more fun! This will help you to avoid getting bored. Some fun games to play indoors can be found here.

I hope your quarantine time will approve and time will fly a little faster with these tips and tricks. Join some of ESN’s online activities, which can be found here. Always keep in mind that times will change and that this situation won’t last forever!

Written by Alexa Belli, from the Content Commitee