6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Those who don’t do Romance

1. Go out in nature

Even though Rotterdam is known for being a modern city, there are still some beautiful parks and lakes around the city. For example, take a walk around Kralingse Bos, and make sure to go there just in time to watch the sunset over the lake with a view of the city.



2. Take a Day Trip to Antwerp

Take a bus to Antwerp and enjoy the beautiful city. It takes less than 2 hours to go there, and bus tickets are not too expensive. A little trip is always a good idea.



3. Bake Something Tasty

There is nothing better than home cooked food, especially if it is made with love. Find a delicious desert recipe and make it together!




4. Host a Game Night

You can play many games with just two or many more  friends, host a night with snacks and drinks.




5. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking together is the perfect option – you have fun while doing it and at the end you get a delicious meal.




6. Be a Tourist in your own City

Go to a museum, an art gallery or just explore the city you live in from a tourist perspective! Check out our blog post on what to do in Rotterdam here.

Written by Annika Medin, from the Content Committee