Vintage Shopping in Rotterdam

Do you love vintage fashion but have not yet had the time to explore some second-hand stores? Luckily for you, Rotterdam is a great place when it comes to vintage and second-hand shopping. I have gathered 5 vintage stores varying in style, price and location.


Witte de Withstraat 19A

Episode is a chain with stores in Paris, Copenhagen, Haarlem, Utrecht, Den Haag, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Episode has a great variety of styles, so you can find anything from party-wear to casual t-shirts. Not only do they have clothes, but also shoes, bags, purses, belts and other accessories. Although the prices are a bit on the higher side, it is definitely worth a visit. Check their website for more information.


Meent 25

If you love going through tons of clothes to find the one perfect match for you, then make sure to pay Cheap Fashion a visit. They have band t-shirts, Christmas sweaters, faux fur coats and so much more. Cheap Fashion has fair prices (it really is cheap fashion) and a lot to choose from. Check their Facebook page for more information.


Eendrachtsweg 55A

This store is definitely not the cheapest, but it is amazing. Every item is selected by the owner, so only the most unique and fashionable pieces can be found here. Here you will fall in love with every single piece and the store itself. Happiness is guaranteed after visiting Dearhunter Vintage. Check their website for more information.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 206A

If you love the 1970’s then this store will be for you. Ruby Lee is nicely organized, with a cozy atmosphere and hand-picked items. Not only do they sell clothing but also different kinds of fun items, like notebooks made from old books. The quality and the price here fit together. Check their Facebook page for more information.


 Schiedamse Vest 89B

Sweet Rebels is a small but beautiful vintage store, with well-selected second hand and also vintage designer items. Here you will definitely find something unique for a good price. Since it is a bit hidden (on the right of Supermercado) it is not crowded with people. Another important thing to mention – the staff here is super friendly! Check their website for more information.

By Annika Medin from Content Committee