Welcome 2021! Ooops it’s February already

And we are in 2021! Like every year, the month of January feels like a fresh start when we work on defining short- term and long-term goals. This is also the moment when we think of starting new projects and looking for sources of inspiration. Thus, this blog post will help you get a head start on planning your next steps.

  1. Productivity

Sometimes we struggle with managing our time and organizing our social and academic aspects of our life. Then anxiety and stress come into play and it seems that our goals diminish. As an EUR student there are many ways in which the university provides you with support.

This platform provides you with advice and necessary steps to improve your wellbeing and help you grow your personality.

  • Study advisors


If you deal with any academic problems such as you are not sure the degree that you are pursuing is the right choice, contact one of the study advisors. Moreover, if you have difficulties with studying for one or more subjects, they can provide additional support.

  • University Psychologists


Whenever you deal with strong negative emotions, reach out to a university psychologist. They will guide you through understanding your feelings and provide you with ways to improve your mental health state.

2. Fun / Leisure

Often, it is difficult to come up with fun activities, especially during quarantine. Being stuck at home does not mean that you cannot have a blast with your roommates, and even by yourself! We have some tips for possible activities to keep you entertained through your free time!

  • Get yourself a deck of cards to enjoy with your friends! Don’t know any card games? Check out this site to learn more: https://bicyclecards.com/rules/
  • You can go old-fashioned and buy some board games for you and your friends. Our favorites are Monopoly, Clue and Jenga, but there are many more to enjoy!
  • If you want an exercise that is also fun, try playing ‘Just Dance’, you can find dances to your favorite songs from YouTube!
  • Having some time for yourself can also be fun! If you feel like you missed out on reading in 2020, here are some book recommendations: https://www.readitforward.com/essay/article/best-books-2020-new-releases/

3. Fitness

Many new year’s resolutions include the “get more fit” quote, but this can mean a myriad of things. By now, everyone has been encouraged to go for more walks, try a new online workout class or start doing 15-minute home workouts. And although those are very good suggestions and we applaud you for trying and sticking to these habits, here are some tips we hope you have not heard of.

  • Clean your apartment more often. It gets you moving and makes your environment more pleasant – a win-win. Tidy up as you go, there is always something waiting to be picked up, rearranged, or organized. Perhaps move your bin further away from your desk.
  • Not everyone is a morning person, but you never know until you try, right? Strive to wake up earlier, as it is known to provide benefits like less stress and more productivity. Try applying this gradually by setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier every two or three days.
  • To make your resolutions stick, attach the new habit to an existing one, like doing squats while you brush your teeth.
  • Maximize those “little minutes” you have in your day. Waiting for the water to boil for the pasta? Waiting for the host to start the meeting…? Hold your arms in front of you and do pulses, do calf raises or just lift both of your legs while sitting.

4. Health and Nutrition

As being healthy, both physically and mentally, is a top-priority goal every year, here are some interesting ways that can keep you in check of your health without feeling the pressure to do so!

  • Make use of a fitness or health app to keep a tab on your progress. Not only can you find healthier recipes, but you also become a part of a much larger health-conscious community. Watching others indulge in healthier life practices may just motivate you to do the same. Some health apps to check out: MyFitnessPal and Fooducate.
  • Make small dietary changes such as switching bottled juice, which is most often full of sugars and additives, with either fresh juice or cold-pressed natural juice.
  • Taking your greens can be difficult as a pizza may sound more appetizing than roasted broccoli but trust us, there are multiple ways to incorporate healthy green veggies into your normal diet. Spinach in smoothies add no flavor but just a bunch of essential vitamins into your body!

5. Mental Health and Wellness

COVID-19 did not make it any easier for us to work on our mental well-being as our social interaction reduced while our social anxiety due to being on social media just increased. However, to successfully achieve our 2021 and life goals, it is quite important for us to have a clear mind and a positive attitude. Here are some ways that could potentially help you improve your mood to carry out all the other planned activities!

  • Writing letters to your future-self is a good way to release stress and set goals for yourself. This can be done online through various scheduled emailing platforms such as https://www.futureme.org/ where you also get an opportunity to read open letters written anonymously by other users. If you find journaling hard, this is a good alternative to pen down your emotions.
  • Indulge in Art Therapy or Music Therapy if you find meditation difficult to follow. These therapies can be helpful when it comes to taking your mind off certain situations and helping you focus on your cognitive needs. For example, Shelly Klammer’s 100 art therapy exercise can guide you to perform art therapy on your own.
  • Lastly, remember the goal is not to only have these resolutions for 2021 but for the rest of your life. Start somewhere and stay consistent!

Some of your resolutions. Happy 2021!