What Will You Miss About Rotterdam?

Every year students come and go, either they go back to their home country or move elsewhere to find their dream job. But for the few years that students are in Rotterdam, it becomes their second home and they leave with a lifetime of memories! But what is it that the students will miss the most after moving away from Rotterdam? Let’s find out from students (exchange and graduating) finishing their studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  1. Laura Castro: Bsc in Law (exchange): “I will definitely miss the routine I have here, and the modern library. Back home I don’t have this facility. The city is small but it’s so modern which is nothing like Salamanca. Another thing is the bike, I’ve gotten so used to it and it’s so easy to reach places unlike Salamanca, where transport is not too frequent.”
  2. Alexander Manning:International Bachelor of Communication and Media (IBCoM) (exchange): It’s mixed feelings to go back home. I am really sad to leave my good life behind, but it’s also nice to be home with friends, family and the beach! I will miss the close friends I have made from all corners of the world. The city itself, it has fun nightlife and cheap alcohol compared to Australia. The university gave me a strong sense of community; there are so many activities that I don’t have back home. And lastly I will miss being able to catch cheap flight on the weekends to travel to a different country.
  3. Akash Matto: Msc in Financial Economics (graduate): “Compared to Delhi, I guess I’ll miss the mix between the noise, quietness of the city and the chant from the stadium. Obviously miss the views and the people, especially when there is enough beer to go around. I definitely made some friends that I will truly never forget and had a great time with.”
  4. Gayle Ting: BSc in Public Administration (exchange): “Erasmus has welcomed me into a warm, exciting and driven student community. The best experiences are shared and I will miss all the ones I’ve had with some of the best people I’ve come to know. Leaving behind this charming city and the ESN Tuesday playlists -my guilty pleasure- will be especially hard! Really loved the chilled nightlife here, especially the pubs in Oude Haven and Witte de With.”
  5. Sophie Sasse: International Bachelor of Communication and Media (IBCoM)(graduate): “What I would miss the most would be what the city has to offer in terms of events, from food, to music and even art. Rotterdam offers a lot of events that promote an active and cultural lifestyle. I would also miss the modern Erasmus campus. I have come to feel very familiar with the campus and enjoy both difficult as well as celebratory days there.”
  6. Victoria Sharipova: International Bachelor of Business Administration (IBA) (graduate): “I’d miss the town itself because I like how some parts give like a traditional Dutch vibe whilst others are more modern and spacious with skyscrapers and stuff. Also there is a lot of space, if that makes sense. Because in my opinion, other Dutch cities are more chaotic with those narrow winding streets and Rotterdam is more structured I guess.
  7. Fanqi Yang: International Bachelor of Communication and Media (IBCoM) (Exchange): “I guess I’d miss the environment here. Especially the fresh air and the sky dotted with some cluster of clouds, the spacious grassland as well. Besides, I always enjoy the relatively less crowded spaces compared to China. It just makes me feel mind-lighted.”

While you’re still here, make sure to make the most of your time, explore the city and make forever memories. What will you miss about Rotterdam?

Written by: Malvika Mayani and Sana Sardar