About us

Due to unforeseen circumstances this board year, the position of cultural events manager has been taken over partly by the President (Marieke) and the Marketing Manager (Brigit). Therefore, the personal information about these two board members can be found in the section of their initial position. If you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to ask either Marieke or Brigit for more information!

Why Cultural Events Manager

For both Marieke and Brigit it’s important that students get the chance to learn about the Netherlands and its culture and at the same time learn about each other’s culture as well. The integration of international students in the student community and in Rotterdam is one of the board’s priorities and therein cultural events are of great importance. On top of that, being the Cultural Events Manager is a great experience since the cultural events include the best things in life: food, friends, travelling(!), music and movies. As the Cultural Events manager you are also responsible for the volunteering projects with Social Erasmus. This work adds an extra dimension to this position that is of great value for you, but also for ESN.

Function description

As the Cultural Events Manager, it is of importance that you have some good coordination, communication and management skills. You are the leader of three different committees and your main responsibility is to organize events with them. Together with your Cultural Committee you will organize events like a speed friending dinner, food crawl or visits to museums. Next to that, you organize the monthly Open Stage Night and the Movie Nights together with SG Erasmus. In addition, you are in charge of the City Trip Committee and you will be organizing multiple city trips in the Netherlands and abroad. This year we visited places like Volendam, Utrecht and we’ll go to Berlin soon. Last but not least, you will lead the Social Erasmus committee that focuses on involving students in volunteering activities that take social action, fostering change in society. For instance, we currently organize a monthly Walk with the Elderly and we organized a donating and swap event for clothing.

While organizing these events, things will not always go as planned, which is why you need to be flexible and know how to deal with stressful situations. Taken together, you will develop your leadership skills, networking skills, time management and communication throughout this event management function.