Walk with Elderly

Our monthly Walk with the Elderly event is back again on March 20th! If you are a student and you have a few hours you can spare, why not join us? This event is a fun and low-key way of getting involved with the community without taking too much of your time.

As usual, we are looking for a group of about 20 International and Dutch students who don’t mind going for a walk outdoors and having a nice chat with the elderly. Afterwards, there will even be some refreshments!

Interested? Please fill out this form: https://esn-rotterdam.nl/content/walk-elderly-20-march 
It takes less than a minute!

Deadline to sign up: March 19th, 13:00.

Location: Nursing home - Verpleeghuis Pniël, Oudedijk 15, Rotterdam.
> We gather at the reception of Pniël at 13:45. <

Tuesday, 20 March, 2018 - 13:45 to 16:00