Grand Cafe de Dijk is popular amongst a lot of students in Kralingen. It is well-known for its variety and this restaurant creates the perfect ambience to go out for a drink. The best way to describe Grand Cafe de Dijk has to do with the fact that quality and quantity are combined into a delicious dish for a student-friendly price. Make sure to drop by for lunch, dinner or just a drink if you are in Kralingen or Oostplein.

Upon showing your ESN card, you can make use of the following deals:

- All special beers: €3,00
- A regular beer: €2,00
- All soda: €2,00
- You can get a drink for free (beer, wine or soda) if you order a main dish.

Keep in mind that we highly recommend to make a reservation in case you will go for lunch or dinner. Please do not forget to bring your ESN card with you since solely people that show this card can make use of these deals.